Just sharing my passion for food and baking with you all. If it looksdelicious, it will be here! cookies for everyone oh yeah!

I just baked cinnamon lemon rolls with cinnamon glaze! yummy

Apr 16th (+66)

this is why I don’t like to use food coloring

Apr 15th (+22)

This is my favourite portuguese pastry: “Cornucópia”. It’s a very fine fried crispy dough, coated with sugar, and filled with “ovos moles" (it’s a very typical portuguese sweet that is basically egg yolks combined with sugar) and a pinch of cinnamon. Omg this is just heavenly!

Apr 14th (+77)

Today I made some arepas for my lunch! This time I joined to the dough some oreganos, just to give a little more aroma and flavour. Perfect with butter or plain yummy

Apr 13th (+39)

A slice of my orange chiffon cake!

Apr 12th (+57)

I just baked some whole wheat lime poppy seed scones! They smell really good :3

Apr 12th (+43)

This is the cake I made for my mum’s birthday! It’s an orange chiffon layer cake with orange curd and meringue frosting! 

Apr 11th (+66)

I ended up doing chocolate chip banana muffins for my sister! Although, I appreciate all the sugestions that you guys had gave me :3 So thank you anyway! eheh

Apr 06th (+47)

And here is my pie!

Apr 05th (+100)

I love holidays! Now I have so much time to bake, and today my morning starts with a lemon meringue pie. Hope it turns out good!

Apr 05th (+22)

Here is one of the banana nutella swirl muffins I baked yesterday :3 

Apr 03rd (+70)

ok this is the biggest muffin I have ever made in my life! This time the flavor is banana with a swirl of nutella, I hope it tastes good :3

Apr 02nd (+72)

Banana Cheesecake! 

Mar 30th (+88)

I also made a pavlova! I just love baking <3

Mar 29th (+68)

Just baked some chocolate muffins for my dad :3

Mar 29th (+113)
Hot Chocolate